We specialize in outdoor fireplaces.

Enhance your backyard atmosphere with one of these today!

Outdoor fireplaceThese Outdoor Fireplaces are not just for their beauty but are also very functional. Each Outback Outdoor Fireplace is unique and individually handcrafted using the finest materials, and they can be constructed using many various types of stone or rock to suit your style, they also provide a great source of heat on the those cool evenings and you will find yourself spending much more time outdoors with family and friends. Our Outdoor Fireplaces also provide the safety of a confined fire so you can relax and enjoy the pleasure of an outdoor fire without the worry that comes with an uncontained fire. The fireplaces also have many options available including doors, grills and waterfalls, with our waterfall options you can also adjust the water flow from a rushing silvery sheen to a slow trickle. These unique fireplaces are a great addition to anyone's outside living space. Whether it's the front or back yard, we offer many variations to suit your taste.

An outdoor fireplace can be installed in the backyard, garden, deck area or patio. A lot of homeowners love the idea of having these fireplaces outside their homes as it keeps the ambiance of the area warm allowing them to enjoy the outdoor weather even during the cold winter months. Many people are using them as a wood-fired oven that they can use to grill steaks, pizza and other delights, an outdoor fireplace will give you more reason to stay outdoors. All you have to do is choose a outdoor fireplace that compliments the rest of your house's theme.



Outback outdoor fireplace



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